Learning with laughter

Presentation Experience

What Cathy Brings to the Table…

Cathy is past president of Logos Toastmasters and is working on the advanced communication and leadership program with a special interest in “The Entertaining Speaker” and “Speaking to inform”.

Presentation Experience

2016 Weekend course on Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of TMD to Physiotherapists in Victoria-equal parts education & practical

2016 UBC Dental Faculty -Day course for Dental profession on Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of TMD-equal parts education & practical

2015 Pacific Dental Conference-TMD The Great Mimic

2015 UBC Lecturer -Diagnosis and treatment of TMD to Post graduate Physiotherapists  
2014 UBC Faculty of Dentistry Fall Series Lecturer
2013 UBC Lecturer to Post graduate Physiotherapists on TMD
2013 Certified Dental Asssistants of BC Conference speaker
2012 Speaker to BC Dental Hygenists association
2011 Pacific Dental Conference
•2011 Jan Pro International National Conference Speaker and Comedy Skit writer and participant in “Cathy’s Cleaning Farce

•2011 February. Speaker on 5 keys to Health, Humour and Happiness to Women’s Network North Shore.

•2011 February Speaker on 5 keys to Health, Humour & Happiness to “The Sauder School of Business”

•2010 February Speaker at Janpro International national conference in Florida

•2010 Lafflines comedy club “stand up” participant

•Speaker at Pacific Dental Conference March 5-7 2009

2008 Pacific Dental Conference

2008 Speaker at CDABC Conference and AGM

2008 West Vancouver Women’s Network

2008 Lynn Valley health and Wellness Show

2007 – British Columbia Toastmaster Spring Conference
“Keep breathing… It’s only a speech”
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2007 – The Urban Tea Merchant
“10 Keys to Living Your Best Life”

2007 – North Vancouver Teachers Association (Status of women committee)
“Are you hot and bothered, or just bothered?”
A humorous presentation on dealing with women’s issues

2006 – British Columbia Toastmaster Fall Conference
“Tools to Combat Stress”
Cracker Barrel Educational – Interactive Session

2006 – North Vancouver Dentists
“The Temporomandibular Joint”
The hidden cause of Headaches, Earaches, and Facial pain
Effective multifaceted physiotherapy approach to evaluation and management

2005 – The Ladies Tee Golf Group
“Swing to Win”
Physical & mental tools to maximize your fun and minimize your score

2005 – North Vancouver Rotary Club
An educational, informative and interactive session focusing on Osteoarthritis, mental & physical fitness

2004 – Vancouver Herbal School
“What is Physiotherapy and How… IT Will MOVE… You”