Learning with laughter


Seminar/Workshops for Health Professionals

1.Diagnosis, treatment and management of TMD.

This is an educational and hands-on course which will enhance the understanding of the Temporomandibular joint, (TMD) and how it can be associated with a myriad of chronic conditions, like Parkinson’s, and symptoms including headaches, facial, chronic neck & shoulder pain, dizziness and balance dysfunction.

Course Topics and Objectives: • Review basic anatomy and biomechanics of TM Joint, and correlation to cranium, upper cervical and the Trigemino-cervical system and cranial nerves. This is merited in understanding TMD and treatment. • Define osteokinematic and arthrokinematic motion • Explain arthrokinematic rules of motion • Detect and classify whether myofascial or intra articular joint dysfunction • Demonstrate and practice selected Joint mobilization techniques Hands-on session course objectives: Practice TMD examination & treatments: • End feel & Range of motion assessment • Arthrokinematic tests • Dynamic pain test • Static pain test • Palpation of muscles • Joint/muscle provocations. • Treatment techniques for Myogenous and Intra articular TM Joint dysfunction

At completion of the course the attendee will have techniques to manage the TM joint which is arguably one of the most active and complex in the body. They will understand the neural anatomical basis for muscular co-contraction and referred pain and that the joint must adapt to shifting occlusal, postural, functional and parafunctional influences over the lifetime of the individual. Therefore Cathy believes that treatment should be 50% dental and 50% rest of the body.


The “hidden cause” of Headaches, Dizziness, Earaches and Facial pain. The etiology of TMD is multifactorial.

This will cover:

  • Effective Physical Therapy using a “multi faceted” approach to Evaluation and Management.
  • The objective of this presentation is to introduce dentists, dental hygienists and assistants to the signs and symptoms, causes, contributing factors and techniques.
  • The techniques are both easily applicable and are effective.

General Public Presentation

1. Look after your Jaw, it’s how you live

Cathy, a physiotherapist with a special interest in Temporomandibular Disorder, *TMD*, will give you a new perspective on the complexities and importance of your jaw to the airway and your health. She will lay out the connections of “the 3‐way interaction between the Central Nervous and musculoskeletal systems. TMD, often called ‘the Great Mimic’, occurs  along with other, often painful conditions, affecting many parts of the body: Chronic Regional Pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Parkinsons, Pelvic floor dysfunction, & IBS.

How you live is the sum of your choices, however the relationship to the importance of the jaw, in the processes of eating, drinking, speaking and our ability to interact with gravity is often overlooked and misdiagnosed. She will make you “Tall” -Think, Act, Learn and Laugh

2. Keep breathing, it’s only a speech.

Do you blank out? Do you think you are having a heart attack before you speak? Deep down do you want to become the most amazing speaker that your dog knows you are!

Come to this presentation instead of the hospital emergency room and Cathy will give you tools you need to not only reduce feelings of tension, but also bring you joy, passion and gusto into the way you speak!

She has training in cutting edge psychotherapy techniques, postural enhancement and breathing techniques to control your fears and anxieties.