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Patient Services

What Can Cathy Do For You?

  • Specializes in Temporomandibular Disorder (jaw, facial, neck & shoulder pain)-this is often hidden cause of headaches, ear pain, chronic sinusitis and facial pain.
  • Diagnose category of TMD. Three cardinal signs of TMJ issues are P.L.A.N -Pain, Limitation and Noise
  • Education on how jaw dysfunction can affect your survival strategies, sensory integration, modulation, and therefore daily life ie: how we move, eat, chew, swallow, breathe & balance
  • Instruction on Fascial release techniques using a small ball which you roll on
  • Rehabilitation of Temporomandibular Joint by controlling TMJ rotation first, then mandibular stabilization. This is linked to good posture and breathing.
  • Massage and osteopathic treatment to the head and neck area
  • Motor reflex testing to find primary driver