Learning with laughter

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Humour filled Festive season

December 18th, 2017

I retired from Clinical practice in September

Thank you to everyone who has help me grow as a physiotherapist and  looking forward this new era in my life when anything and everything is possible. My Grandchildren teach me every day the joy of living and spending time together:

eg: Recent Christmas craft involved using finger paint, making reindeer heads using their wee hands and feet covered in paint as outline and adding googly eyes and a red nose. You can imagine who got most paint on them!

2017 Testimonials for February TMJ course-Diagnosing and treating TMD

April 09th, 2017

Cathy’s course is very informative and includes a lot of opportunities for hands on practice. After completing her course, I am much more comfortable assessing and treating the TMJ. She has provided me with a solid understanding of the TMJ and I would definitely recommend her course. -Jordan, Physiotherapist


“This course combines several important concepts in physiotherapy and applies them to the treatment of the TMJ. I appreciate learning many techniques that I was able to instantly apply to my patients in the clinic.”

Thanks again Cathy.

Paul -Physiotherapist

Cathy’s TMJ course is full of useful information and treatment techniques. I immediately started using her techniques on my patients the next day. Thanks Cathy! Reza, Physiotherapist