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2016 Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD workshop- Testimonial

June 14th, 2016

To Cathy,

In the 15 years that I have been taking post graduate continuing education courses, this may have been the best course that I have ever taken. I have read that praise means more when it is specific, so let me be specific.

  • You came with no ego. You didn’t tell us how unique or skilled or good that you are. You let us conclude that for ourselves (and we did)
  • The classroom was stocked with enough supplies and beds for all of us to work on. We didn’t have to makeshift anything or “pretend” that we had equipment.
  • The classroom was close to food sources for lunch. We had a long enough lunch break to actually eat lunch
  • the class size was small enough for us to ask questions and for you to give attention to each one of us
  • we did more hands on work than lecture. We left with skills that we could use in real life situations that we could relate to.
  • you were not afraid to say ” I don’t know” or “here’s a big word, how about that”
  • you gave us ideas about how to market ourselves to dentists what they want to know so that we can help them
  • yo repeated yourself throughout the course so that we learned and could retain those points that were important
  • you brought equipment so that we could easily identify the anatomy of the jaw that we were supposed to be working on
  • Your skills with treating muscles was superb!
  • you kept the course on time and started when it was scheduled to start, not when all students were present. This respected those of us who were present

Thanks Cathy! I learned a lot and feel much more confident helping the people in my community who suffer from TMD symptoms! It was a phenomenal course, and you did a superb job presenting it.

With much appreciation

Joanne Welham

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