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Cathy’s Postural Protocol

February 25th, 2013

This is a picture of Superficial back Line. Notice how it connects the sole of the foot to the top of eyebrows.

Try the following instructions to make it easier to bend over in just a couple of minutes. Massage sole of feet using one hard small ball as described below. It’s incredible how much further one can bend over.superficial back lineline.edited


Cautions: Never force. Learn safe alignment and apply it while practicing. Practice under the guidance of a competent instructor. If you have a medical condition, get an OK from a health professional before doing these exercises

Materials: Two pink balls/ or hard street hockey balls

1. Test Forward bend with knees straight and measure where your fingertips touch your shins. Also notice any tightness in calf or hamstring. Rate it on a scale of 1-5 (5 being extreme) See picture of forward bend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Yoga_posture_forward_bend_variation.jpg

•Create very mild, pleasant stretch as bending.

•Slowly move deeper into pose, just enough to reinstate same mild, pleasant stretch. Breathe two breaths hanging head down. End of 2nd breath out start uncurling pushing oneself up using hands on thighs

•Breathe in, dig heels into ground and then curl up one vertebra at a time. Repeat a couple of times

2. STANDING with back against the wall for 5 minutes: TONGUE SHOULD BE CURLED UP ON ROOF OF MOUTH.

Push down through your heels and balls of feet. At same time, imagine a string is pulling you up from crown of the head, keep palms forward and drop shoulder blades into back pocket.

Breathe in, Imagine spine lengthening on inhale. Mindfully check body alignment during this period. Notice depth of breathing.(head does not have to touch the wall)

3. Start “Alternate nostril breathing”. (I have this on my blog ) Notice if one side is consistently harder to breathe through ( Goal is to be able to inhale and exhale, holding breath for 10 seconds in between breaths. To loosen up chest, start with inhale of 6 seconds, pause of 6 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds


1. Massage feet in 3 quadrants, middle and sides and at the same time stretch calves on other leg

2. Kneeling with balls on calves for 90 seconds, press on different spots in calf

3. Supine, lying feet against the wall like standing position

4. Put the two balls in a sock behind head, level with eyes; breathe deeply into diaphragm with toes pulled up and palms facing up.

Tom Meyers Anatomy TrainsSuperficial back line Cadaver

This is from Thomas Meyer “Anatomy Trains “Superficial front line” Truly, we are all connected Eyebrows to sole of feet!

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