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December 23rd, 2011

2009 November TMD Tips: Tongue Tips, Teeth Grinders and More

2009 December Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

2010 January The Fascial System

2010 February TMD is Often Misunderstood as CHVS (Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome)

2010 March SABERS Approach to TMD (Sleep, arousal, breathing, exercise,rest self esteem)

2010 April  Myofascial Pain – Why Muscles Hurt!

2010 May Importance of Stretching the Hamstrings

2010 June Do you suffer from HEADACHES? You are Not alone!

2010 August Trapezius Muscle: The ‘Coat Hanger’ Headache!

2010 September What Birth Can Do To Your Jaw

2010 October  OMD… The Tongue Connection

2010 Novemeber Preventing Back Pain – Truths and Myths

2011 January The “Scoop on the Poop”…How is your health?

2011 February Treatment of Anterior Disc with Reduction

2011 April  What is STMJ dysfunction? (Synovial Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

2011 June Do you or your patients suffer from UARS? (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome)

2011 August  Recognising Sleep Disorders; Don’t become a Statistic!

2011 October Do you know why poor posture can affect the jaw?

2011 December Check out new dental videos on my you tube channel




















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