Learning with laughter

One of Cathy’s Christmas Gift of Fun -Laughter is the best medecine!

December 06th, 2011

Consequences- the guy above did not secure his ladder and has become as a CHRISTMAS DECORATION!
This Christmas game is called Consequences : We played this in a restaurant at a work party and we were laughing so hard another office party came by and asked me to email him the game!
Gather at least 5 -10 other people to help you write your story. Then give them each a paper & pencil
  1. Each player is going to write a section of the story, as instructed by the leader at the top of a sheet of paper.
  2. Then the player will fold back a part of the page( sparingly) they wrote on and passs it on to next player, who does the same thing. As you can see each player is writing on a different sheet  for every installment the leader calls for
  3. These are what I use for installments.The leader can use these or make up new ones

Write a boy’s name and brief description of him

Write a girl’s name and brief description of her

Write where they met

Where were they supposed to be at the time?

How they met

His first words to her

Her first words to him

At this point if yor’s playing in a team of 7 players, the players get back their papers they started. It doesnt matter, just keep going around. There can be as many installments as you want-as long as the paper holds out.

What happened next

Whatthe neighbours said


Where they are now

The Outlook for the future

At the end unfold the papers and each player reads out loud the story he or she has in hand, putting it all together so it reads smoothly. And there you have it-5,10,15 or 20 possible plots for the best seller lists- or for unforgettable TV viewing!

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