Learning with laughter

“Always take time to smile”- Cathy 2nd Christmas gift of laughter

December 06th, 2011

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS-exert from   Super-colossal Book of games by Sheila  Anne    Barry- my “Bible’ of fun

This is our favorite game to play in our family and  with  our friends which has provided endless hours of laughter. I  hope this will be same for you all

You play this game with “actions instead of words”.

3 or 4 players leave the room while the the group decides on a scene that one person -say Dick will act out. The scenes can be something like “eating spaghetti , playing tennis or ping pong.or taming a lion

It should be fairly complex so that the act lasts a couple of minutes.

Then the 1st player -Meredith ia called in and watches Dick pantomine the agreed on scene

Then the 2nd player Edward is brought in. Ed watches Meredith repeat (or try to repeat) the actions which Dick just performed.

Then the 3rd player- Sandy comes back and watches Ed’s version of Meredith’s performance.

When the 4th player Angelo is brought in, he sees Sandy’s translation of the actions, and announces what he thinks she’s doing. The results are hilarious and will result in many happy memories that when recalled, is a gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy!

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