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Out of Africa!

November 09th, 2011

Tilley Hats

I’m back! Yes, Tilley hats help one to blend in! Over the last 5 weeks I travelled to Uganda, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Cape Town. Family & Friends have asked me if there was one experience that stands out. The answer is no, because I was lucky enough to have had a variety of breath taking, unbelievable and exciting moments.

Baby Gorilla

The first was an hour with Mountain gorillas in Uganda, watching them from 21 feet and less at times. This baby seemed to enjoy our company and posed for the cameras!

I saw all the Big 5 animals (elephant, lions, leopard, buffalo and rhino) so close, unfazed by our presence. Luckily the short rains had started 2 weeks before we arrived and therefore the Serengeti plains and the Ngorongoro Conservation areas, I will never forget. The sight of 1.5 million wildebeest and 800,000 zebra on the start of their long trek was mind blowing.

However “Shark cage diving in South Africa’, got my adrenaline going the most! It is truly one of the most breath-taking adventure activities having a personal eye-to-eye encounter with a great white shark. These amazing animals were curious and swam very close to the cage responding to my “warp speed” heart rate, and look at my “quivering mass”, as they brush their tails against the cage.

Here are a few photos of big five.

Water Buffalo

Water buffalo. Notice they provide taxi service to birds!


The first lion to welcome us on safari.

African Farmer

I have decided that African women have the right exercise to improve one’s posture! Just need a few bananas and sticks from the forest. Stay tuned for photos and videos in next newsletters and on my face book page.

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