Learning with laughter

Dancing your way into Health

March 08th, 2011

In olden days if people consulted with a tribal medicine man about being depressed or feeling unwell, he would not give them herbal potions or advice. Instead, he asked, “When was the last time you danced, sang, told your stories, had time alone outside or helped someone else?

Maybe that is why dancing in the form of Zumba fitness has taken off world wide. Imagine how much fun it is dancing to music associated with salsa, cha cha, samba, tango, meringue, with hints of flamenco, calypso, hip-hop and belly dancing. I call this my fun anti-aging, calorie-burning elixir which has improved my body shape, joint health, increased muscle mass and built my self confidence which has spilled into every aspect of my life.

Recently I was speaking in Florida at a conference whose theme was “Through the looking glass“. Attending a conference is far more fun in my opinion, if the company organises a themed event for the partner/spouse who is attending conference. In this case it was a Mad Hatter Tea Party.

CR JPI Tea PartyThe Ladies sat in the gardens of the hotel underneath palm trees and sunny skies. The tables were decorated in multicoloured fabric held together with fresh flowers and the centrepiece was a multicoloured dotted teapot. Color coded daisies arranged on a vertical oasis came out of its centre. We all wore straw hats decorated with flowers, boas, and gloves and nibbled on sandwiches shaped like card deck suits. As they sipped on champagne and orange juice, they listened to my stories, I had them tell stories using something I learned at Improv classes, then they joined me dance away our worries to Salsa music. Click here to view video.

Over the years, I have always believed like Marcia, the Jan Pro International’s President & CEO’s wife who put on the event, that if something is fun, they will come! Also real presents are not always the type you wrap up. Each day comes bearing its own gifts. That day we all untied the ribbons!

Watch the video to get an idea of how much fun and laughter we had, leaving the tea party filled with more energy and vitality. Maybe the medicine man was right!

I’m really glad I went to the tea party, it was a lot of fun!”  ` Karen Bates JPI Central Ontario

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