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OMD… The Tongue Connection

October 04th, 2010

• Does your child look like this?CR Tongue
• Are you always nagging your child’s about the way he/she eats?
• Does he/she often swallow foods whole or ‘inhale’ their food?

It could be Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD) which like TMD, (Temporomandibular Disorder) is often misdiagnosed, ignored and the implications not fully understood.

Failure to nurse/latch on can be due to OMD. This is often commonly referred to as “tongue thrust” because the tongue functions against or between the front or side teeth during swallowing rather than lifting up into the palate (roof of the mouth). This disorder is generally accompanied by inappropriate function of the muscles of the tongue, lips jaw and face. There is frequently a low forward resting posture of the tongue and open lips.

The basic problem is related to abnormal orofacial function and postures. Just as controlled forces of the orthodontic appliances (braces) can move teeth, the abnormal functions and postures related to OMD can influence the development of dental malocclusion (incorrectly positioned teeth, an improper bite relationship between the teeth in the upper and lower arches, or a malformation of the bone of the dental arches). During the act of swallowing, the tongue is thrust against and /or between the teeth. This is called a tongue thrust swallow.

Myofunctional therapy can make all the difference for your child’s future because it often restores normal processes of dental eruption. It can also aid in the retention of bite/ cosmetic appearance following orthodontic treatment.

The Fun Factor

by Cathy Russell

Living in Neolithic bodies, trying to adapt to a constantly changing environment, we all feel the effects physically and mentally (positively or negatively). The latter can result in any of the following: cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer, musculoskeletal chronic pain & depression.

The glue of life for me has always been to share fun and laughter with my family and friends. 25 years ago, I came across what I call, my ‘Bible of Fun’- The Super Colossal Book of Puzzles, Tricks and Games.

I have used this book to organize parties over the years where I encourage people to participate in different team activities, after a few drinks of ‘Dutch’ courage first which is required by some more than others. Little did they realize that even though they felt anxious, their participation and letting go, having fun, research shows, and I believe, will have extended their lives!

In addition, it has given everyone a gift that keeps on giving, as stories areCR Simon 60 retold and timeless memories unite us all forever in laughter.

I believe that when we live on the edge, challenge our own comfort zone, take a risk, and adapt to change… then we grow, find our purpose and happiness in life

Making time for fun has always been a priority for my family and recently I organized a 60th birthday party for my husband.

I invited friends and family to arrive dressed in characteristics/hobbies/jobs or ages of the ‘birthday boy’. (I find that if I make people dress up in costume, they find it easier to socialize and laugh more.) To set the tone a stuffed Simon was sitting in a lawn chair waiting to greet his guests.

Everyone was divided into 8 teams of 6. A designated captain organized their team doing 10 minute activities which that night were lasso golf, putting, wine tasting and ‘You can STILL dance’, led by my Zumba instructor, Inna. To see what Zumba is all about go to www.zumbavancouver.com. Dancing is a great way to get fit, and tone up your laugh lines! Fun and music is so infectious everyone was soon jiggling and wiggling body parts they had not felt for years.

My girlfriend Ann, summed up the evening up with this rhyme:

We are back in Vancouver for some birthday fun,
Yikes! Simon’s now 60 -no longer a young gun,
50 close friends, all dressed in drag,
Came by for the evening wondering what’s in Cathy’s Party bag!
It was tasting wine, weird games of golf and Zumba with Inna
– now that was a treat!
Turns out that Brock’s team A was the one to beat –
So thanks for the party being 60 ain’t bad
Such a good time by all, was had!

They say that before 40, your face and body is genetic after that it’s your own fault. Can I ask all of you “Do you want laughlines or faultlines?” as you age?

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