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More FUN Christmas Ideas

December 03rd, 2009

Five Christmas Fun Ideas

1. Family sleep-over under Christmas tree together. Read The Christmas Story. Have hot chocolate or watch Christmas movies.

2. On Christmas day kids have to sing a song, play an instrument or recite a poem to receive a gift from under the tree.

3. Make own crackers. I collect toilet rolls in November and buy foil wrapping paper and snaps. Then I fill the roll with jokes, or fun activity to be done at the table. Examples could be

– Take something off and put in middle of the table. Do one of following to get it back:

– Sing Rudolph red nose reindeer wearing antlers.

– Start a story by whispering in person beside you ear and ask them to pass it on. You tell what you hear when it arrives back at you.

– Story time Get every one to write three words on a piece of paper and put words in a hat. Everyone has to pull out three words and tell a story using those words for 1-2 minutes

– Hum/ whistle a song. People have to guess what it is.

– Draw Christmas tree with eyes closed or reindeer

4. Make own Christmas hats. Supply birthday type hat, ribbon, sparkles, anything that can be glued on the hat. These are made when a guest arrive and is a great mixer.

5. My personal favourite is hosting a carol singing party for all ages. Make it potluck and to bring own drink. On invitation say that taxis will be available after certain time or get insurance for the evening so cannot be held liable if people choose to drink and drive. When guests arrive give them a coloured sticker. Tell them that this is their coloured coded choir and to find people who have similar color. Choose what carols are to be sung ahead of time and then suggest which choir sings first. After that you can make up different categories of choirs. For example under 25: over 25: ladies only : men only: one area of city /town etc.

Everyone gets a chance to sing even if not keen initially! We make up carol books with lyrics in BIG font for aging generation who may forget glasses!!!

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